high quality Sencha

Wazuka’s tea

Wazuka’s tea is one of the top Matcha producer in Japan which is famous for high quality Sencha growing area. In Wazuka producing area about 50% of Uji tea is growing in the southern area of Kyoto Prefecture. This is a natural tea source where life and tea industry are involved. It is also the biggest source in Japan for matcha production from Kyoto prefecture in Japan.

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Kyoto pottery


Young Kiyomizuyaki style craftsmen were adviced by technicians form Aichi Tokoname and also teachers in Kyoto. he combination of lightness and beauty that even professionals certified.

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Kyoto city official goods selection

Kyoto goods selection

Kyoto city official recognized "Kyoto hospitality ambassador" goods selection.Our representative, Kyoto Hospitality Ambassador also implement Kyoto's unique hospitality through daily activities, increasing the quality of Kyoto tourism, innovation of Kyoto's charm. He would like to introduce you to a selection of authentic products.

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