About Matcha Kissa

Company name :
Kyoto Yui Co.,Ltd.
Address :
2F, 7-4, Kawatakiyomizuyakidanchi-cho, Yamashina-ku , Kyoto , Japan Postal code 607-8322
President :
Yoshihiko KONDO (Kyoto Hospitality Ambassador)
Date of establishment :
Office hours :
10:00-18:00 (Closed in Sat-Sun, Obon Holiday, New Year Day.)
Fax :
Mail :
[email protected]
Company history :
Travel Kyoto was founded in 2006 by our representative.
We organize and plan the tour by collaborating with each local area in Kyoto. We cultivate long-time connection with craftsmen in Kyoto. In 2016, Kyoto Yui.Co.,Ltd.was establish incorporation. project coordination, design, etc. are transferred to this KyotoYui. 2017 Inbound correspondence, overseas and was started, KyotoYui is employing foreign staff so we are able to support in English, Thai and Japanese.