Wachaen WAKOU-CHA 'pesticide-free' Leaf type 

KYOTO WAZUKA TEA wachaen WAKOU-CHA Black tea 'pesticide-free' Leaf type 75g

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Among tea farmers in Wazuka Town, there are less than 10 producers of black tea. Wazuka Town’s black tea is such a rare item. As Green tea leaves become aged and fermented, they become black tea. Our black tea is not bitter like those from foreign countries, and can be enjoyed without adding sugar. The first cup can be enjoyed as straight tea, and the second cup from the same pot can be mixed with honey or milk. Unlike tea from India or Sri Lanka that is so popular and commonplace that the production amount is high, Japanese black tea’s special quality is its mild and less bitter taste. Grown under the local weather, wind, and soil, “Japanese Black Tea” gets along well with Japanese sweets and dishes. The history of Japanese black tea dates back as far as post-WW2 era when Japan produced a large quantity of black tea and even exported. Yet, as the country implemented free import policy in 1971, the domestic tea production declined. At Wachaen, we preserve the conventional tea production techniques and continue the unique fermentation process.
Additional Info
Additional Info
How to Save and care Avoid heat, humidity, and the sunlight.
Please consume as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date after opening.
Producer Produced by Wachaen Osamu Ueda
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